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The Vegas Valley Four Wheelers and Associated local 4X4 Clubs are very excited to announce the dates for 33rd Hump-N-Bump (HNB) 4X4 trail ride event. This year our event dates will be November 7th and 8th 2014.  Our club members are already working hard to make sure this year’s Hump-N-Bump is the best one ever. The Hump-N-Bump event last November was not available to be put on due to the Government shut down! This year there is no stopping us!

We Are Back!

Over the last few years we have seen our event grow significantly. Once again for this year we will be joining forces with local clubs to assist us in guiding our participants over our trails which brings in new people to our trails and event. Our Friday evening after-trials entertainment will once again be the Logandale Volunteer Fire Department Arena Off-Road Challenge. This fundraising event will be open to the public and free to HNB participants and was great fun last year and improvements this year will make it even better. The Fire Department is excited to host this again and will use the opportunity to generate funding through their raffle that will help them purchase equipment needed to support our Logandale recreation area and also the local community.


hnb1The Vegas Valley Four Wheelers is a Non-Profit, family oriented educational club.  The majority of the proceeds from our event and raffle go to our land use causes including Partners in Conservation, The Blue Ribbon Coalition, The United Four Wheel Drive Association and Tread Lightly.  Additionally proceeds support trail cleanups, 4X4 related education and maintenance of the Logandale trails facilities and other adopted local trail areas.

Some trails are relatively easy and scenic and others are beautiful but also technical and challenging. Our event BBQ dinner was praised as one of the best ever. We serve a multi-course BBQ dinner to over 400 people and is brought to you by The Road Kill Grill who are back by popular demand. Also there will be complimentary coffee and donuts provided by Partners In Conservation (PIC) on Saturday Morning.

The Hump-N-Bump is based from the Clark County Fairgrounds in Logandale NV. We have plenty of room for our participants RV’s & vehicles, camping and our big vendor fair. Besides having RV spots with hookups there are acres of lush lawn under large shade trees for our tent campers. The weather is usually great for the HNB. If staying with us at the fairgrounds isn’t a good option for you our sponsors and participants receive special discount rates from local Motels and Hotels.

We would love to have you join us as a valued sponsor. As a supporter of our event your sponsorship helps us keep our trails open and support our land access causes.  Without sponsor businesses like yours off-road events like the Hump-N-Bump would not be possible. Click here to view our sponsorship matrix with details on how you can support our event.


Online Registration ends November 1st

You can register at the event the day of, we suggest you register online if you want to guarantee that you can purchase food (Road Kill BBQ) from our vendor. Food tickets the day of are limited to first come first serve at the event.


The BLM has indicated to us that ALL vehicles must have whips (flag poles) with flags to run trails in Logandale. We do suggest you bring one with you and we will have some for sale at the event (limited quantity).

Official Humb-n-Bump Trails

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13-Mile Loop
This is a 1 to 2 rated trail. The Logandale Trail System resulted from the cooperation of off-road enthusiasts with several federal and state agencies, keeping protection of natural and historical features in mind. Recognizing the need for recreation enthusiasts to access public lands, agency personnel worked with individuals and organizations to develop a trail system that would satisfy a variety of users, as well as a few commonsense rules that would protect the landscape. access will remain open as long as trail users behave responsibly. 13-Mile Loop accesses a multitude of trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Certain trails in the northwestern part of the system have exposed rock ledges and boulders to challenge experienced rock crawlers with suitable modified vehicles. Rock crawlers look for trails close to rock formations, some with 100-foot cliffs. Of course, only the experienced should try any of these extreme sports. The area was home to people of prehistory who left cultural remains such as petroglyphs, small stone ruins and pot shards. These remains are sacred to Native Americans still in the area, and they are historically important to all Americans.
Bitter Springs Trail
This is a 1 to 2 rated trail. Designated a scenic back country byway by congress in 1989, the 30-mile route south of the Valley of Fire State Park connects old mining roads, a mountain pass, and desert washes between interstate 15 and the North Shore Road in Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Part of the Old Spanish Trail, Also called the Mormon Trail, followed by explorers, mountain men, traders and pioneers into Southern Nevada. The first few miles show colorful Buffington Pockets, a region of vivid sandstone adjacent to the Valley of Fire.
Bronco Falls 2
This trail is a 4 rated trail consider the most challenging on the list. A short trail named after one of the biggest obstacles on the trail, a huge vertical climb up a rock wall. Though it looks more intimidating than difficult a good set of tires and some low gears will get you to the top. Plenty of off-camber waterfalls and vertical v- cracks that will test most modified rigs. The shedder bowl playground will continue the trail and give the most extreme rigs a run for there money!
This is a 2 to 3 rated trail. Good for those slightly modified vehicles. A scenic ride through the Logandale hills with a awesome view overlooking the Valley of Fire State Park. Back onto the red sandstone rock area puts a nice obstacle course of short hill climbs and descents in front you. Great optional off camber climb just before a large hill climb that puts you back in the launch position!
Rock Bottom
This is a 3 to 3.5 rated trail ride. Those looking for a challenge will find it here. The entrance to the trail is a V-notch that you tip toe through. From there you crawl up a slightly off camber hill climb till you end up in a canyon with 3 ways out. The easiest is rated 2 and the hardiest 3.5 put most on their roof! As the trail comes to an end you have 2 ways to exit the trail: the S-turn where your power steering, brake control, and abilities get a major workout or the waterfall which is pretty steep flat rock wall decent. After the trail have some fun at the sand dunes and back to base camp. Trail will take about half the day with a large group so bring snacks and plenty of water.
The Shedder Trailer
This trail is rated 2.5 to 3.5. Challenging for the stock vehicle and still have excitement for those modified rigs. Based closest to base camp with plenty of optional obstacles that will keep you on edge. The trail starts off mild and continues to the shedder bowl where the first decent V-notch and tall hill climb gets the momentum up. After a series of short and tall waterfall climbs, you end up at the last obstacle (optional) which will either make you or break you! This Trail is also famous for un official night runs.
The Bowl Trail
Trail is a 2 to 3 rating. Perfect for those with lightly modified vehicles. The trail winds through the desert into some very scenic parts of the Logandale area. There are a few obstacles for those of you adventuress types, but all are optional. At the very end of the run you can really test your driving skills and attempt the S-turn. Though it is optional we suggest lockers front and rear and there is a possibility for some body damage. Full size not recommended in the S-turn, and are guaranteed body damage.

Video from 2011 Hump-n-Bump

For those of you who want to know what to expect when attending the Hump-n-Bump, here's a video from a prior event.

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