2024 Trail Help Roster

Here is the current list of who is on which trail, at which time, and what trails can still use trail guides.

Trail Help Information


  • All trail help must have a working GMRS & Ham radio.
  • Each trail group is assigned a different frequency, which will be confirmed prior to departure
  • For emergency communication outside of the range of cellular service, a number of our volunteers are also VHF (Ham) operators. A specific 2-meter communication frequency will be selected and used for Non-emergency communications.
  • For recovery and emergency communications we will use a separate channel which connects through a local repeater. The local ham radio club and the Logandale Fire Department have both agreed to monitor our ham radio frequencies (to be selected later) so that we can reach them immediately, if necessary
  • GPS is extensively used within our group so exact incident locations can easily be provided to Emergency Services, if necessary

Trail Guides

  • Our trail guides ensure participant safety, and enforce the rules and stipulations on the trails
  • Each team will have a “Trail Leader” and “Tail Gunner”, and more challenging trails will also have a “Mid Gunner”
  • All trail guides communicate with each other and with the participants using GMRS or HNB Trail frequency.
  • All trail guides will be issued a handheld VHF (HAM) radio for emergency communications with base camp and our recovery team
  • Each trail group is assigned a different GMRS frequency and communication from group to group is usually possible
  • Trail Guides are responsible for completing Incident Reports logging any problems, accidents, spills, or trail damage, and will give these reports to the event organizers at the end of the day for review
  • Trail Guides will be equipped with a spill cleanup kit. In the event that any trail restoration is necessary it is logged on the Incident Report and restoration teams will be dispatched from the Fairgrounds to correct any remaining damage.

Trail Leaders

  • The Trail Leader is responsible for leading the group, and will host a driver’s meeting to go over the rules, event stipulations, and safe practices before the group pulls out

Mid Gunners

  • The Mid Gunner is placed in the center of the larger groups, helps participants navigate obstacles, relays problems to the leader if they occur, and keeps everyone in line
  • In the event that there is a vehicle breakdown, and the Tail Gunner must remain with the participant and their vehicle, the Mid Gunner takes over the Tail Gunner’s duties

Tail Gunners

  • The Tail Gunner makes sure everyone gets through each challenging section of the trail safely
  • The Tail Gunner also makes sure that no spills, trash, or trail damage have occurred
  • In the event that there is a vehicle breakdown it is the Tail Gunner’s responsibility to make sure the driver encountering problems gets back to camp safely. In this case the Mid Gunner takes over the Tail Gunner’s duties.

Additional Event Rules

  • Participants are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages or use illegal drugs before or while on the trails. Violation of this rule risks expulsion from the event.
  • Pets are allowed but must be on leash at all times including at the fairgrounds
  • All participants must sign an acknowledgment regarding rules, and one specific to the protected status of the Desert Tortoise

Trail Help – Reminders

Important Notes for Trail Guides

  • Be on time for your run (make sure you are ready)
  • Water / food / medication that YOU require
  • Make sure your COMMS are working
  • Make sure you are fueled Up
  • Air up / Air down
  • Sway bars disconnected
  • Trail Map / GPS track
  • Oil Spill Kit
  • Accident Report documents in trailer
  • Have something to write with and on
  • Check for Tech Inspection stickers on all rigs
  • Check for Trail Flag
  • Know who does not have comms in their rig
  • Keep your communications brief in camp… Talk over the radio as you travel from camp
  • List of register attendees for your trail
  • Remember to communicate. Talk riders through trails as you go because for some this may be their first time
  • Clean up spills
  • Notify camp of any breakage, spills, incidents
  • At the end of your run, give Trail Boss your registration list and any notes that happened during the day or incidents
  • Return ham radio if you borrowed it back to Trail Boss or registration

Important Things to Remind Participants

  • Make sure everyone is fueled up
  • Alcohol and drugs are NOT allowed on the trail
  • Make sure you can see vehicle in front and behind you
  • Call on radio if you need some help
  • Keep your children and pets under control (know where they are at all times, especially on obstacles)
  • No under drivers under the age of 18 allowed
  • Flash your headlights at spotters if you do not need help
  • Clean up as you go
  • Are comms working and on proper frequency
  • Air up / Air down
  • Sway bars disconnected
  • Must have Trail Flag during each run
  • Keep away from tortoise
  • Stay off of the plants

Trail Help Handbook – Updated for 2024

Whether you are new to being trail help, or are an experienced pro, we’ve put together a trail help handbook, filled with tips, tricks, and information to help you have the best experience.

Current Version:

Version 2 July 2024